Ahn Ei Sook

Ahn Ei Sook, was a Korean woman who lived through terrible times during the Japanese occupied Korea in the ‘30s through 1945. She took a powerful stand alone for God’s truth, despite arrest, imprisonment and possible execution. She was imprisoned in a prison camp for her faith, and refused to bow down to Japanese idol worship though many Christians did that day. She was tortured for six years until her release. Throughout her life, there were countless examples of God’s intervention. On the day of her release, a sympathetic prison guard shouted “Ladies and gentlemen! These are the ones who for six long years refused to worship Japanese gods. They fought against sever torture, hunger and cold, and have won without bowing their heads to the Idol worship of Japan. Today they are champions of the faith!” The crowd then shouted “Praise to the name of Jesus,” and began to sing joyously. She made the decision to go to the parliament of Japan and speak out against the injustice of the persecution of Christians.

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