Nikolai Khamara

Nikolai Khamra was once a former thief who gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in prison. After his release he joined the underground church in Russia. One day his pastor was arrested by the Communists, who tortured him to get him to reveal how the Christians printed and distributed gospel tracks. But the pastor did not crack. Finally, the interrogator said “Enough. We have a better way.” And he brought in Nikolai Khamara, who had also been arrested. “If you do not tell all the secrets, we will torture one of your members in front of you.” “Oh, no. Nikolai, what should I do?” wailed Nikolai’s pastor. “Don’t worry,” said Nikolai. “Just be faithful to Christ and do not betray him. I am happy to suffer for the name of Christ.” But when the Communists prepared to gouge out Nikolai’s eyes, the pastor withered until Nikolai said, “When my eyes are taken away, I will see more beauty than I see with these eyes. I will see the Saviour. You just remain faithful to Christ to the end.” When they moved to cut out his tongue, Nikolai calmed his frantic pastor by shouting, “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! There, I have said the highest words anyone can say. What does it matter now if they cut out my tongue?” In this way, the communists martyred Nikolai for the sake of Christ, even while he encouraged his pastor not betray the church.

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