Jon Lugajanu

A young believer in Eastern Europe, had been arrested and imprisoned for being a Christian. Returning to his cell after the court hearing to determine his sentence, other prisoners asked him what happen. Jon answered, “It was just like the day the angel visited Mary, the mother of Jesus. Here she was, a godly young women sitting alone in meditation, when a radiant angel of God told her the incredible news. She would carry the Son of God in her womb.” Wondering how Jon’s words would relate to his court appearance, the prisoners listened closely. Jon continued to tell the story of Jesus and to clearly present the gospel. He concluded by saying, “Mary knew once she was in heaven, she would be with Jesus again and experience eternal joy.” Puzzled the prisoners reminded him they asked him what had happened in court. Jon, his face shining, replied, “I was given the death penalty, isn’t that beautiful news?”

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