Desmond Doss

Desmond Doss was a young man, 18, when he signed up for the draft. When world war 2 came around the opportunity to serve both God and his country arrived. There was only one problem, Desmond Doss was a devout Christian who refused to shoot another human, or even pick up a gun. Yet against the military’s initial thoughts towards Desmond, he was eventually trained to be a medic on the frontlines.

Not only did he refuse to pick up a gun, he made it very clear that during training he wouldn’t work on his Saturday sabbath. The fellow soldiers constantly harassed him for this by throwing boots at him while praying at this bunk, and giving him the worst tasks to do by himself on Sunday. They couldn’t figure why he was there, as he was useless to them.

Then came the battle of Hacksaw Ridge on May 5, 1945, a Saturday. The Japanese waited to open fire until all the American soldiers reached the plateau. Yet to everyone’s amazement, amidst gun fire and explosions, Desmond treated wounded American soldiers. For more than 12 hours Doss saved at least 75 lives that night. It was later found out there were many Japanese soldiers who had the opportunity to shoot Desmond, but Almighty God jammed their guns as they tried to shoot.

Several days later, Desmond was severely wounded in battle. A Japanese grenade landed at his feet and the explosion sent him flying. The shrapnel tore into his leg up to his hip. He treated his own wounds and while attempting to reach safety, he was hit by a sniper’s bullet that shattered his arm. Yet as he was being carried to safety he told those carrying him take another man first before rescuing him.

Desmond Doss lived and eventually received the medal of honor. Yet the war hero’s true medal was received when he went home to be with Lord on March 23, 2006.