Crushed Grapes Creates Sweet Wine

Oh if we could only learn to be like a sweet wine to this fallen world. Something so sweet and tasteful one swig would win any person to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet we often forgot there is no wine without being crushed like clusters of grapes. Even worse many of us are constantly putting our energy and eyes on all the afflictions we are enduring. We tell everyone how bad we have it. We constantly remind both believers and unbelievers of all the pain we are going through. Unfortunately while crushed grapes is necessary to create the wine, we will win no one to Christ by telling them how crushed we are, we win them to Christ by our sweet taste. When a man goes to the store to purchase a bottle does he give any thought to how the grapes got crushed? No, he’s only searching for something sweet to satisfy his thirst.

If we are to have a constant flow of wine produced we are to be constantly crushed. The world needs our sweet tasting wine more than ever. Turn the whine into wine.