Timothy and Maura

“Tell him, Timothy, please!” Maura pleaded with her husband. “Tell the governor where the scriptures are hidden and be free! I cannot bear to watch any more of this.” Timothy and Maura, residents of the Roman providence of Mauritania, had been married only a few short weeks before their arrest.

Timothy had refused the governor’s demand, and Maura had watched in horror as Roman soldiers burned out his eyes with hot irons. Now Timothy was hanging upside down, with a weight hanging around his neck. As Timothy waited for his gag to be removed, the fear that he had felt at his arrest was replaced with divine calm.

But then, instead of renouncing his faith and disclosing the location of his church’s copies of the scriptures as the soldiers expected, Timothy scolded his young wife. “Do not let your love for me come before your love for Christ,” he urged her. Seeing her husband’s courage, Maura’s own resolve was strengthened. Enraged by Timothy’s refusal and Maura’s newfound courage, Governor Arrianus sentenced them to the harshest tortures of the Roman world. Yet, they refused to break and deny Christ. Eventually, they were crucified, side by side.